Tim Dawson: Yvette Cooper’s amendment – which exists only to block Brexit – must be rejected

Today is going to be a big day. We get to find out not only what MPs think of voters but of the Parliament in which they are so privileged to sit.

Yvette Cooper’s amendment – which effectively ‘takes No Deal off the table’ – is designed to frustrate Brexit. There is no other reason for it, which is why it’s supported by the usual crop of vocal Remain MPs. Of course, these mini-Machiavellis won’t be selling it like this. It’s simply about ensuring there’s a proper procedure, Dominic Grieve will try to reassure us. It’s got nothing to do with overturning the referendum result. Honest, guv.

The tragedy is that this merry band of Parliamentary pyromaniacs – some of them, not so long ago, respectable politicians – have allowed themselves to descend to this level. It is chicanery. Skulduggery, dressed up as virtue. “We are simply acting in the national interest”, they try to claim. We are all acting in the national interest. It just so happens that the majority of us think the national interest is not served by lap-dogging after the EU.

Brexit has always been a matter of the highest possible principle. It is about freeing us from the undemocratic control and influence of an unwieldy, obdurate, and desperately rickety supranational bureaucracy. It is about running our own lives. Most crucially, it is about restituting our sovereignty – sovereignty which MPs like Yvette Cooper and Dominic Grieve seem determined to try and hand back to the EU permanently.

The fundamental belief that our country should be free to shape its own destiny is the driving force of Brexit. It’s what unites blood red ‘Lexiteers’ and free marketeers like me. Only by leaving the EU can we have proper, democratic control of our affairs. Only by leaving the EU, can we have a Parliament which once again is a servant of the people, not Brussels.

The likelihood is that the Cooper amendment, which would fatally hobble the UK at a crucial time, will be rejected. Let’s hope enough MPs – particularly Remain MPs, who make up an overwhelming majority of the House of Commons – realise what is at stake.

Tim Dawson is the Editor of Britain’s Future. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson