Study indicates people are optimistic

Tim Dawson: Millennial Entrepreneurs optimistic about their future in Britain says study

A study carried out by eBay and using data from market research company, Populus, has found that 76 per cent of entrepreneurs between 18 and 34 felt positive about their chance of growing their business in 2019.

Of the 505 small and medium business owners polled in January, 62 percent said they planned to increase investment in 2019. 43 percent said they felt positive about future growth, while 22 percent said they did not.

Such statistics fly in the face of the pessimism that is publicised in the mainstream media and the widespread belief that young people are collectively against Brexit. However, they also indicate that – despite the fear-mongering – the UK economy is in a strong position and will remain in one post-Brexit.

eBay’s UK vice president Rob Hattrell, who has previously said that Brexit must be seen as an “opportunity for entrepreneurs”, said in a statement, “The fact that so many small to medium sized businesses are optimistic about the future, despite tough trading conditions, is testament to the skills of agile and innovative UK entrepreneurs.” He went on to add that, “there are economic risks in 2019, with Brexit and consumer confidence chief among the concerns, but we see that small retailers have the flexibility to adapt and thrive.”

Whilst others may wish to ignore these statistics, they are proof that Brexit encourages our country’s entrepreneurial spirit and that, free from the EU’s stifling regulations, we will be able to forge our own path that fosters innovation and agility in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Tim Dawson is the Editor of Britain’s Future. Follow him on twitter: @tim_r_dawson