Ted Yarbrough: Participation in the EU elections would be a national humiliation

Parliament has descended into farce. Unable to unite behind the Brexit it promised to deliver, it has decided by one vote to endorse a long extension to Article 50, a shocking measure which Remainer peers are currently trying to force through the Lords.

Enough is enough. Members of Parliament voted to Leave the EU – with or without a deal. They voted to trigger Article 50 and they passed the EU Withdrawal Act of 2018. The time for whinging about how much they dislike Brexit or want to “soften” the result of biggest democratic exercise in British history is over. It’s time to move on.

Another extension and participation in the EU elections would be a national humiliation. It would show that Parliament is absolutely incapable of implementing the decision of the people that they gave the choice to. Worse; it would suggest that Britain is in fact a banana Republic where democracy is non-existent. Britain’s friends and admirers would shake their head in disbelief.
Everybody wanted a deal. A Canada Plus deal – the A+ model that ensured tariff free trade with the EU – would have been perfect. Most Brexiteers would even have accepted May’s horrible concoction if the backstop was removed. The Malthouse Compromise also seemed to be a way forward. But Theresa May failed to embrace any of these options.

There is only one viable option for any nation with an ounce of dignity and self-respect. Leave. Leave and trade with the EU on WTO terms. Both sides are ready. (See this great piece from Briefings for Brexit). Will there be some bumps and adjustments to the new trading order? Of course, though they are likely exaggerated. But no self-respecting nation can be so pathetic, especially one with record high employment and the world’s 5th largest economy (and with the world’s largest, America, ready to sign a free trade deal the day of Brexit), as to sacrifice their nation’s sovereignty and democracy for fear of possible supply chain disruptions and minor tariffs.

It is time for Britain to quit this embarrassing Parliamentary squabbling. Encouragingly, the Telegraph has reported the majority of the cabinet are now behind WTO Brexit, as are the majority of the Conservative MPs and Conservative party members. Now the Prime Minister must grow a spine. The UK must take the leap and grab their independence. Let’s go WTO.

Ted Yarbrough is a lawyer based in Dallas, Texas. He is the co-founder and editor of The Daily Globe. Follow him on twitter: @TedYarbrough1