Soutiam Goodazi: For the sake of my generation, Parliament must deliver Brexit

Brexit has the biggest democratic mandate of our time. Although too young to vote at the time, I voted leave in the mock referendum we had at school.

I faltered slightly when I became more politically active. “Perhaps I don’t know much about it”, I thought. So I took it upon myself to research the EU rather than listen to the remain propaganda of my teachers. I was horrified. Horrified, as a conservative – at just how much the EU was eroding our traditions and values. Horrified, as a patriot – at just how much the EU was harming this country. Horrified, as a citizen – at just how much of our power we had given to the EU. Horrified, as a liberal – what is the EU doing to free market competition with its protectionist policies?

I was right.

I wanted to vote for my politics… For my Politicians. My politics isn’t an EU army and my idea of a politician isn’t Jean Claude-Junker.

So what does Brexit mean to me? Sovereignty. All the issues fall under this umbrella. Control of law? Sovereignty. Control of immigration? Sovereignty. Control of money? Sovereignty. Control over ALL our legislatures? Sovereignty.

May’s withdrawal agreement sees the UK as a member state for a transitional 2 years in everything but decision making. We’ll be rule takers for 2 years post March 29th. As we part with the EU, the interpretation of the withdrawal agreement is decided by the ECJ, and the implementation of it will have to respect Union Law, which can be drafted and passed by the EU during the transitional period. This will allow the EU to mould the agreement into any shape they like without proper input from us.

There is also another major problem —the backstop. In order for May to secure a deal with the EU, she will have to offer the EU concessions that will result in the final outcome being better for the EU than the backstop itself. If she fails to give into the EU’s demands, then it is extremely likely that the EU will just let us drift into the backstop. The EU are ruthless; they will take the best option for them. We have already been threatened with the backstop over France’s fishing rights in our waters. The backstop sees the UK stay in the customs union, and Northern Ireland will have to abide by some of the rules in the Single Market. We also lose our unilateral right to leave in these circumstances.

The Withdrawal Agreement does not deliver Brexit. I want to regain sovereignty, not give it away on a silver platter with a £39 billion cherry on top.

For the sake of my generation, Parliament must take us cleanly out of the European Union.

Soutiam Goodazi is a young leave supporter, currently studying A-levels in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Politics. Follow her on twitter: @Soutiam21