John Redwood: Let’s make the most of the opportunities Brexit brings

Leaving without an Agreement looks more likely given the bad response of most MPs to the proposed Withdrawal Agreement and delayed exit. So let’s make the most of the money, the freedoms and the opportunities leaving brings. More than half the voters expect things to get better when we leave, and so they can. That requires the government to cheer up and take some action.

  1. Relax the current tight money policies a bit – they are slowing our economy too much;
  2. Set out a new budget with an additional £15bn of spending increases and tax cuts for 2019=20 at least, financed by saving the Withdrawal payments;
  3. Encourage import substitution with a farming policy based on more home grown food;
  4. Allow UK vessels to land a much larger share of our fish by taking control of our fishery in 2019;
  5. Encourage more fish processing industry;
  6. Novate all existing EU trade deals promptly;
  7. Intensify negotiations with the USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and the others who are keen to sign Free Trade Deals with us once we have the power to do so;
  8. Make clear there will be no new checks at our ports on imports from the EU in the short term, and any longer term extra checks will be done away from the border or with sufficient capacity at the port to avoid delays;
  9. Set a new tariff schedule which lowers our external tariff, removing all tariffs from imported components for manufacturers and from items here the tariff raises little net revenue.

It’s high time the media allowed a proper debate on how to take advantage of the opportunities of leaving after months of just recycling false scare stories about the costs.

John Redwood is the Conservative MP for Wokingham. He is a former director of N M Rothschild merchant bank and a fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. Follow him on twitter: @johnredwood

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