Jack Kennaugh: The vote to Leave was right in 2016, It’s still right now

In June 2016 the people of the United Kingdom made the choice to break free of the European Union’s shackles. For more than 40 years our country has been increasingly stifled by Brussels-imposed control; now their days are numbered. Or so we thought. The dream of freedom that was within an arm’s reach has been crushed beneath 585 pages of bureaucracy. The Withdrawal Agreement is the product of failed leadership, a Civil Service resolute in its belief that it knows best, and the type of bullying we have become so accustomed to from the EU. The arrogance is astounding. How many times have you heard that we made the wrong decision two and a half years ago?

The usual metropolitan elites have questioned what the point of Brexit actually is. They claim that the ‘little people’ – those who are too uneducated, poor, or Northern – cannot possibly understand the deep complexities surrounding the European question. Even some Members of Parliament seem to have forgotten that the majority of their constituents voted to Leave.

We – ordinary voters – understand what a bad deal looks like. We have suffered four decades of inflated prices due to EU protectionism. It is us who have watched as our votes in General Elections has decreased in value because of the continuing transfer of powers to Brussels. Even our MEPs have almost no power. The EU Parliament is subservient to the will and whim of the Commission. We are tired of being told what to do by those whom we cannot elect.

The power to choose who governs us was, and still is, the point of Brexit.

People also know when they are being treated like fools. Have politicians become so out of touch with their electorate that they think we will believe there will be no food if we leave the EU without a deal? The Government is force-feeding us lazy infographics about how the Withdrawal Agreement is, in fact, the Brexit we voted for. I remember the leaflets saying “Take Back Control” not “Submit to EU Control”.

The decision to leave the European Union was nothing to do with Little Englanderism. It was about expanding our horizons beyond Europe. The World does not revolve around Europe any more, if it ever did; it is time to rekindle our relationship with the other 6.5 billion people on Earth. Wanting to leave does not make you an extremist. It doesn’t make you a fool. It makes you a champion of democracy and personal freedom. Those values are infinitely more important than any powerless MEPs in Brussels. As the clock ticks down towards March 29th, our MPs need to decide where their loyalties lie.

Will they side with unelected, all powerful, bureaucrats and try to tether us permanently back into the European Union? Or will they stand alongside the British People and vote for freedom and empowerment, as we did in 2016?

Jack Kennaugh is a 21-year-old sales advisor and chair of Nuneaton Young Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @Jackalanch