Jack Kennaugh: Mrs May’s ‘deal’ is not freedom

The 2016 EU Referendum was about securing a truly global future for my generation. It was about expanding our horizons and grasping every opportunity the World has to offer young people. When the result was announced in the early hours of the 24th of June I believed we had done it; we had freed ourselves from an ever expanding and aggressive political bloc seeking to undermine national sovereignty at every level. A group of people that cared not for the ‘little people’, but who surrounded themselves with privileged members of their own elite. “That’s it,” I thought, “we have taken the first step on the road to freedom”.

How disappointed I am, nearly two and a half years later, to be watching a Government intent on shattering that dream of freedom. They want to tie us, seemingly forever, to the regulation and restriction of the European Union. Mirroring the way the EU operates, it appears that the Government has ignored the decision the people made because it’s decided it was the wrong one. The votes of 17.4 million ordinary people – being written off as an inconvenience.

I joined the Conservative Party on the 26th of June 2016 as I believed they were the only party who would deliver the Brexit people voted for. A Brexit that would allow us to trade with the world and to take back control of our domestic affairs. I have campaigned tirelessly for them ever since. My message has been “trust Theresa May, she will deliver on what you voted for”. For a while that message was warmly received. People on the doorstep echoed my views; they believed as I did. Yet the warnings I received have stayed constant: if the Tories get this wrong, we will never vote for them again. In Nuneaton, an old mining town that voted 64% in favour of leaving, voters have only recently started to trust the Conservatives; their warnings should be heeded.

The Withdrawal Agreement shows a Government which is not listening. Theresa May and her team have turned their backs on all those who dreamed of a brighter future. Under this deal the UK will be shackled to the EU with no unilateral means of escape. Our courts will be forced to follow laws we have no say in changing. Our taxes will still be used for EU vanity projects.We voted for freedom, yet we have been offered vassalage.

On Tuesday our representatives face the most significant vote in their careers. Will they choose to chain our great nation to Brussels? Or will they choose the path of freedom and democracy? A path where the Government listens to and respects those it governs.

I urge every MP to vote with the people of the United Kingdom, not the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union.

Jack Kennaugh is a 21-year-old sales advisor and chair of Nuneaton Young Conservatives. Follow him on twitter: @Jackalanch