Chris Rose: Remainers are growing increasingly silly – and desperate

The UK is scheduled to leave the EU at 11pm local time on March 29th, 2019 – currently just 78 days away. The Government has to be prepared for a no deal scenario which, according to Conservative Home’s recent survey was the most preferred option amongst the Tory grassroots, with 44% endorsing it. A Canadian style relationship was the second preferred option with 27%. If we did leave with a WTO deal, that doesn’t preclude the government from negotiating a Canadian style relationship after March 29th from a stronger position. What is crucial is that we leave on time and in good order, and do not allow increasingly silly and hysterical hard Remainers to derail the process.

The People’s Vote demonstrations have been something to behold. Protesters will hold banners with a message claiming that Hard Brexiteers are cultish, whilst they are draped from head to foot in EU flags – complete with blue and gold face paint. They’re often dancing, too. And there’s usually someone dressed up as Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg.

As Britain draws nearer to March 29th, the Remainers’ stunts have morphed from comic to desperate. Femi Oluwole – from Our Future, Our Choice – released a video recently showing him telling a working class Brexiteer that their personal job is at risk, despite reassurances from their employer. Trying to make people feel personally anxious in order to make a highly-partisan and contentious point is never okay.

Another ill-thought out stunt was the recent disruption by Madeleina Kay – aka “EU super-girl” – and her ‘B****cks to Brexit’ supporters to a talk by prominent businessman Tim Martin at one of his Wetherspoons pub. The Brexiteers who attended this event report that Martin handled the interference well, despite being asked ridiculously stupid questions such as, “Do you agree with my Polish friend’s wife being spat on?”.

Thankfully, many 2016 Remain voters have accepted the result of the EU referendum. They want Brexit to be delivered – and to move on. Sadly, not all Remainers have behaved so reasonably. The most extreme and disturbing Stop Brexit mentality I’ve come across is from those who have convinced themselves that Leave’s victory is illegitimate. Even when Brexit is a great success, as I’m sure it will be, they won’t accept it.

Will such people, who think any form of Brexit will lead to death and destruction, form a re-join movement after we’ve left? It’s difficult to see any major UK political party offering a pledge in their manifesto to hold another referendum to take us back in – particularly as such a move would be wrapped in all sorts of complications, like joining Schengen and the Euro. Whilst I think pro-Remain activity will die down pretty quickly once we’re out, it’s unlikely that figures such as Chuka Umunna, Anna Soubry, or Sarah Wollaston will choose to set aside their fervour and work to unite a divided Britain after March 29th.

Indeed, many of us would not be surprised if, in the very near future, these politicians defected from their current parties to form a new ‘centrist’ party, purely to advance a disingenuous case for re-tethering us to Brussels. Such a movement will not attract as many people as its advocates would like to imagine; the arguments for remaining grow weaker daily, and Project Fear will be well and truly exhausted by then.

The opportunities of Brexit are huge. But first: we Brexiteers must hold our nerve and get it over the line this March.

Chris Rose is a junior architect and pro-Brexit influencer. Follow him on twitter: @ArchRose90