Britain Leads in AI

Britain reveals plan to ‘lead the world’ in AI

For all the speculation about mass-job losses, uncontrollable autonomous beings, and well, robots in the house, Artificial Intelligence is going to play an integral part in our future.

And the UK wants to lead the world into the AI future.

So much so, the House of Lords have appointed a committee to discover how Britain is best placed to do this; and will present its two years of research at the end of 2018.

The report we have so far – which details what the committee has so far found, claims that:

‘The UK is in a strong position to be among the world leaders in the development of artificial intelligence during the twentyfirst century. Britain contains leading AI companies, a dynamic academic research culture, a vigorous start-up ecosystem and a constellation of legal, ethical, financial and linguistic strengths located in close proximity to each other.’

The report lays out five areas of interest, known as the ‘AI Code,’ which set out what AI can and cannot do in order to become useful parts of our lives.

The video above lays out these five positions – for the full 183 page report, see here.