Full Brexit Is Needed

A Full Brexit Creates Opportunities For Britain

The Government yesterday released the White Paper which outlines the proposals for the future relationship with the European Union. The Chequers Plan, as it has been called, unfortunately does not allow the UK to fully seize the opportunities the lie ahead.

Crucially, the White Paper includes a “common rule” book, which would mean that the UK would be beholden to the rules and regulations of the EU. Unfortunately this would mean that should the EU and the UK disagree on how to interpret EU rules, a committee likely to be made up senior civil servants from the UK and the EU will refer the dispute to the European Court of Justice for guidance. Such a move is restrictive to both business and the UK Government.

Free from the shackles that Brussels often binds Britain too, we have an opportunity to create our own rules and regulations. We have the potential to lead the way in environmental regulations; fostering innovation in agri-tech, pathing the way for new clean air regulation, wildlife habits, animal welfare and reduce intake of plastic. It’s a chance for Britain to set an example to the world and lead in such a vital space.

Setting our own rules will also allow us to boost our already thriving technology industry. We will be able to facilitate greater incentives for new entrepreneurs, looking to create bigger and better forms of technology. Drone technology for example, will require updated regulations that the UK should be able to set the standard on. We will not have the ability to facilitate the best environment for our own new technologies if we are tied to European regulations.

Europe too, must not be our only market. Brexit is a chance for us to capitalise on every competitive aspect of our economy. We must remember that globally we have a reputation for strength and quality. This is a chance to look towards older, more historic ties and form global links. We should be open to countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and China.

However, we should be mindful that accepting anything other than complete independence and a full Brexit may jeopardise our ability to forge these relationships. Countries such as the USA may be less willing to work with us if we are beholden to rules established in Brussels.

We must view this as a chance to spread ourselves across the globe. We must release ourselves from the shackles of Brussels so that we can truly forge our own identity and become a global Britain. We must be positive, have faith in ourselves and believe that we can be more than a vassal state of the EU.