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A timeline of Brexit


Brexit presents the UK with unique challenges and unrivalled opportunity.

Below, we list the key dates in the run up to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.



One year to go

March 29, 2018

One year until Britain leaves the EU.

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Trade talks begin

April - May

Talks will begin in mid April about the framework for a new trade deal.

Local elections take place on May 3.


Irish question resolved

June 28-29

Eu summit focusing on outstanding issues.. Expected to be heavily concentrated upon the Irish border question.

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Withdrawal Bill


EU Withdrawal Bill set to be passed through UK parliament.


Party conferences

August - September

Parliament in recess. Talks continue, UK political conference season starts in September.

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EU Summit

October 18-19

EU summit. Michael Barnier has stated he wants to announce official date for withdrawal.


Last UK-EU talks

December 13-14

Eu summit. Last opportunity to resolve outstanding issues.

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EU votes on withdrawal terms

January, 2019

Remaining 27 EU states and UK vote on final withdrawal terms.


Brexit arrives

March 29, 2019

UK splits from EU. Transition period, ending in December 2020, begins. Formal negotiations for EU and UK trade deal begins.


Brexit presents the UK with an opportunity to go global and trade with different countries and economies.


The UK is a world leader in innovation and will continue to be well into the future. This is an opportunity for us to grow and innovate on a much larger scale.


The UK now has a blank slate of many regulations; it’s time to address inefficiency and create the best possible environment for future growth.


The UK is leaving the EU but will still be a major global player and will still have important relationships with our EU partners and friends.