• Full Brexit Is Needed
    Jack Kennaugh: There's nothing wrong with being proud of our history
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  • No Deal Needs to Be Rational
    Economy,Relationships & Trade
    Joel Rodrigues: The UK has nothing to fear from conducting its own trade policy
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  • Economy,Opinion,Relationships & Trade
    Tim Dawson: Despite everything, the economy is looking good
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  • Britains Future Westminster
    Economy,Opinion,Relationships & Trade
    Tim Dawson: How can any MP who's serious about Brexit vote 'to take No Deal off the table'?
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  • British Economy Thriving
    Economy,Opinion,Relationships & Trade
    Aaron Brown: Brexit must be delivered, in full and on time
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Brexit presents the UK with an opportunity to go global and trade with different countries and economies.


The UK is a world leader in innovation and will continue to be well into the future. This is an opportunity for us to grow and innovate on a much larger scale.


The UK now has a blank slate of many regulations; it’s time to address inefficiency and create the best possible environment for future growth.


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